Mother Lorilee

Spiritual leader and confidante.


“Now stand up straight, my dear. You’re gonna ruin your back.”

The leader of the Temple of the Sea God is a priestess called Mother Lorilee, a handsome woman in her early sixties who has held the post for almost fifteen years.

Lorilee has long, gray hair braided with seaweed. She wears a circlet of pink shells given to her by the merfolk, and she dons the customary robes of her temple and spends much of her time walking the harbor.


Lorilee’s oneness with the Sea God is unquestioned. As an acolyte, Lorilee was once tossed overboard by pirates while traveling out of Afsaana as a missionary. Despite being over twenty miles from the nearest patch of dry land, she not only survived but also beat her assailants back to Afsaana. When the pirate ship arrived, the followers of the Sea God were waiting for them. They sank the ship in the middle of Afsaana Harbor, the top of its mast standing for years as a warning to those who would wrong the Sea God’s chosen people.

Mother Lorilee

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