Belt of Hidden Knives

A brown leather belt.


This appears to be a simple, unassuming belt made out of wolfskin. It may have been pretty once, but it shows too much wear and tear to draw any attention.
Once unclasped, a small diamond can be seen stitched into the belt’s inside, roughly in the middle.

  • Each time this belt is buckled, it sounds like a sword being drawn from a sheath.
  • When attacking, a hidden knife can be drawn from the Belt of Hidden Knives. Once the knife leaves the bearer’s hands, it ceases to exist after one turn.
  • The belt does not run out of knives.
  • The belt must be worn to use this property.

Kiaan Shadowskin was a legendary assassin who escaped the grasp of the Antivan Crows after killing their leader Estefan Valisti in 8:73 Blessed.

Her deeds are legendary, while at the same time it was never proven that she had committed any of them.

Every time a military leader, government official, or otherwise important and thus heavily guarded person was assassinated, all of Rivain praised Kiaan Shadowskin for her skill.

As history would have it, Kiaan Shadowskin hasn’t been spotted after Queen Moira’s assassination in 8:96 Blessed.

Some say she is in hiding, others insist that she is still around, killing those that matter.

Belt of Hidden Knives

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