Afsaana - Crossroads of the World

13 Drakonis, 9:02 Dragon

The group continues on towards the Temple District. It’s still quite loud outside, they can hear sounds of metal striking metal and people in pain, but it gets quieter the more they go North West as people have collected at the fortress; the houses have barred their doors, some people have even barred their windows and some of them have light behind, but apart from that it’s really quiet and there’s not many people around. They go west and they come to the entrance of the Temple District.

This district has been feeling the effects of the riot as well, but not as much. There are a few people here and there, and screams can be heard in the distance. Right ahead, they see an elf trying to calm somebody down perhaps; he’s waving his arms, trying to get someone’s attention and near him are crowds of people in panic. As the group moves closer, there’s a massive, unknown creature ramming into them and ripping some of them apart.

People don’t seem to be sure whether they should run away; some of them are just standing confused.

Isobel tries to identify the creature and she hasn’t seen it before, but from what she’s heard, it appears to be a land shark. It has a tough hide known for its ferocity and bloodlust, she assumes it’s of regular size for its species and it seems really agitated. It burrows into ground and pops up at some place and that’s why they’re called land sharks.

Seeing them, the elf begs them not to kill it, but to subdue it—he’s purchased the beast in an attempt to train it for Fang and Claw, they train wild animals and he thought it would be a nice addition but seeing the mess it’s been causing, is at a state of panic. He begs them not to kill it, just that the magic has worn off and that’s why it’s been going berserk.

Aveline is the closest to the land shark; ignoring the crowd between them, she focuses her energy into her staff and ice shoots out of it to envelop the creature. It has a thick, leathery skin but the icicles bore into it and penetrate the skin in places, and it thrashes in pain, letting go off the human it’s been chewing to see who its next meal is going to be.

Isobel draws an arrow and gets the beast’s attention with an arrow; the first one lodges in its upper thigh and the creature squeals in pain. Not wanting to get close yet, Orsa takes the same action and sends an arrow in the same direction. Displeased, the land shark charges into its original destination, slamming Aveline with its entire body.

“Don’t kill it!” the elf, Sarien shouts, then to the landshark: “Don’t kill her!” He then takes a look at his surroundings and sighs, sending an arrow of his own into the shark as well.
The crowd begins to disperse as the group continues to take shots at the land shark, Orsa gets heavily injured thanks to the strong jaws of the creature but she pushes on, ditching her bow in favor of her bastard sword to slash at it. The beast is pushed away momentarily. Sarien keeps trying to get its attention but things don’t look good for the land shark. It lunges at Sarien and severely wounds him as well.

In the end, they manage to knock the beast unconscious and Sarien rushes over it, wanting to check on the creature. He’s still panicking, but he thanks the group for the help and for sparing the shark, and says he’ll figure out a way to transport the shark back to Fang and Claw.

After taking a short breather, the group proceeds towards the main plaza. As they get there, they notice that the temples that have doors have closed up, and some of them have been defaced. As they get closer to the Temple of the Sea God, they see that someone wrote ‘Temple of Bloody Jack’ on the front of the building.

Moving inside, they can hear several voices belonging to men and women, some people are also screaming. In the courtyard, they see a group of people –acolytes, priests, even Mother Lorilee– surrounded by a group of Cutthroats. There’s also a red bearded dwarf, who they know is Bloody Jack, leader of the gang.

Isobel nocks an arrow, and they fail to notice as she lets the arrow loose towards Bloody Jack. He’s in the middle of an argument when the arrow finds its way into his shoulder… he roars in anger, and commands his men to attack.

Despite their injuries, the group makes short work of the gang members. Orsa successfully grabs hold of the gang leader and throws him in the fountain, asking the others if they want him to drown – they decide that this life doesn’t suit them and leave. And while Mother Lorilee tends to her flock, Isobel beheads him.

Mother Lorilee isn’t happy that the man is dead despite all the evil he’s done, but is grateful nonetheless. She listens as Orsa explains her curse and asks for her help, and Aveline presents the broken sword to her, then begins to heal the wounded priests.

Mother Lorilee says that she can lift this curse, but not when the sword is broken—it needs to be in one piece for her to work on it. She doesn’t know if Orsa would get stuck at whatever age she’s on when the curse is being broken. She also suggests another way to destroy the curse, but wouldn’t recommend it—bringing the sword back to its original place or selling the sword might be able to solve the problem, but that would be a temporary solution at best, because the curse would travel to another.

After she’s done explaining, Aveline changes the subject and asks if she’s seen Isolde, describing her. A flash of recognition passes through Mother Lorilee’s face. She says that she hasn’t seen Isolde, but she’s heard others talk about her and she thinks the Cutthroats may have taken her. She promises to ask around quietly and find out more…


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