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Based on: Pathfinder Relationship Rules
Rules for DA: RoninArmy

PCs can track relationships between themselves and NPCs.
PCs can track either Friendship, Rivalry, or Romance.

Friendship Thresholds
0: Associate
10: Friendship
20: Fellowship
30: Devotion

Rivalry Thresholds
0: Associate
10: Competition
20: Rivalry
30: Enmity

Romance Thresholds
0: Associate
10: Romantic Interest
20: Love
30: Soulmates


  • Any relationship starts at the level of associate.
  • When PCs make a friendly or hostile gesture, PCs may make a roll with a relevant focus.
  • This test should be based on the personality of the NPC in question, and should be plausible given the type of relation the PC wishes to pursue.
  • This test may be attempted once per day, and the Dragon Die determines how much the relationship increases.
  • When a threshold is reached, the relationship progresses to the next level.
  • When the relationship reaches an new level, the test begins again at 0.
  • Performing acts that an NPC disagrees with will likely reduce the relationship score.


  • When meeting an NPC, PCs may immediately start off on the romance path, if they like.
  • When a PC wants to change the relationship with the subject to a romance, they may make a roll with a relevant focus.
  • On a success, they may switch from friendship/rivalry to romance, while staying at the same level.

Relationships with the Contacts Talent

  • Contacts are NPCs which are friendly towards the PCs, but aren’t tracked.
  • PCs with the Novice degree get a +2 to their initial roll to make someone an associate.
  • PCs with the Journeyman degree may try to get favors from someone at associate level.
  • PCs with the Master degree may skip to the first threshold if they pass a COM (Persuasion) roll.

Friendship/Romance Examples

  • If this person responds well to honesty or kindness, then COM (Persuasion) would be a wise choice.
  • If this person happens to be confident sexually, they may appreciate COM (Seduction).
  • If this person is bookish and is impressed with knowledge or likes talking shop with scholars, then a CUN (Lore) test may be appropriate.
  • If this person likes poems, PCs could present them with a poem and a CUN (Writing) test, or a DEX (Calligraphy) test.
  • If they like talking magic, PCs make a Magic test with a relevant school focus.
  • If they like to be understood, try PER (Empathy). Maybe they also appreciate being inspired with WIL.

Rivalry Examples

  • The most obvious choice of test for a rivalry would likely be STR (Intimidation).
  • Perhaps the person is a mage, and might be put off by WIL (Faith) tests.
  • Perhaps the NPC is protective of their things, and would be bothered by a DEX (Legerdemain) test.
  • If the person dislikes alcohol then a CON (Drinking) test would put them on the defensive.
  • If PCs really want to insult their intelligence (and possibly make some great banter) a COM (Animal Handling) test could be used.
  • COM (Performance) tests could be used for those NPC who like their peace and quiet.
  • Setting simple traps near their things with DEX (Traps) (nothing deadly, just things like snares or tripwires) could really annoy them.
  • If the NPC really doesn’t like having his problems analyzed, drag them out in the open with PER (Empathy).


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