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Culture and Society

The Rivaini have skin tones ranging from dark tan to ebony. Social standing in Rivain is often marked by tattoos and body piercings. The more elaborate one’s decorations, the higher one’s rank. This is often accompanied by extravagant jewellery.

The Rivaini, though possessing a currency-based economy as other nations do, place no real value on the accumulation of individual wealth and instead promote the idea of community welfare. As such, communities work together to support each other, sending supplies to other communities when needed.

The Rivaini are traditionally a matriarchal people and many believe that women are best suited to ruling. Most Rivaini communities are governed by elder women, the most senior of these women being seers. Twice a year the seers travel to Dairsmuid to meet in council, forge trade agreements, and publicly pledge loyalty to Rivain’s queen.


Unlike many other nations and tribes in Thedas, the Rivaini are not Andrastians and don’t believe in the Maker. They don’t name their gods. Rather, they are pantheists who believe in the Natural Order and unnamed deities. As such, many hold to the belief that their god and the universe are the same. Though Rivain’s royalty is still Andrastian, the Chantry lacks any authority beyond the capital of Dairsmuid.

Many, especially in Kont-aar, have also converted to the Qun, as their religion and the Qun are not very contradictory.


Though a Circle existed in Dairsmuid, it was merely a means to appease the Chantry. The mages of the Circle were allowed to see their families and the women were specifically trained to be seers, a position in Rivaini society that is revered as a matter of tradition.

These local hedge witches converse with spirits and even allow themselves to be possessed for the benefit of their villages. These seers educate apprentices in their craft and are allowed their freedom provided they assist Templars when needed. The Rivaini Circles are similar to those elsewhere in Thedas and are supported financially by Andrastian nobles.


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